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 I. Agree or Disagree

 1. Queen Victoria ruled for 60 years.

 2. Victoria was not happy in her family life.

3. Victoria had 9 children.

4. Abraham Lincoln was killed in 1865

5. The war of Independence started in the South.

6. In 1620 Pilgrims set out for Virginia on board of “Mayflower”.

7. Franklin Roosevelt was chosen the US president 2 times.


 II. Give the right answer.

 1Who was the first lady Prime Minister in Britain?

2 Which queen wrote a book about her family?.

3. Which British queen never married?

4. Which British war has a romantic name?

5. How old was Queen- mother when she died?

6.  Which British monarch has the same name as the waterfall in Africa?

7. Who discovered America?

8. Who of the American presidents had been an actor?

9. When was the Declaration of Independence declared?

10. Which of the US presidents were assassinated?


 III. Match the names of kings and their nicknames

 1. Henry iv                                    a} the Lackland

2. Edward I                                    b} the Conqueror

3. William I                                    c} the Lion Heart

4. Richard I                                     d} Rufus

5. William II                                    e} Longshanks

6. John                                              f} Bolingbroke  

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