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Youth Problems 

(Angela Paulk, Peace Corps of the USA)

The problems American teenagers face daily reflect problems in American society: drugs, guns, violence, poverty and depression. However, there are a few problems, which are prevalent mainly among America's youth. For example, teenage pregnancy, underage drinking, gang membership, and the lack of a "voice" in today's society are among the many issues teenagers must deal with. Not all Americans have good clothing, adequate food and vitamins, and housing. So, some American children are raised in poverty. Many of these children find other means of supporting themselves or their families. Many times poor or underprivileged children are forced to sell drugs or join gangs. Gangs, violence, and drugs are issues, which go hand in hand. In other words, where one finds a gang, one is most likely to also find drugs, guns and violence. As a result many young girls and boys are brutally murdered in drive-by shootings, ambushes and gang wars. While these problems of poor teenagers are immeasurable and harsh, middle class and wealthy American teenagers also face many problems. Drugs, underage drinking (drinking alcohol under the age of 21), and smoking are prevalent among teenagers. Drugs are destroying minds, family and friend relationships, and are killing America's youth. These drugs are a problem, which must be destroyed.

Violence in schools has been an increasing problem in America in the past few years. Occasions when American students have shot and killed their classmates no longer sounds unfamiliar. Guns have no place in the hands of American children. Children should not have to fear going to school, and should not have to fear their classmates.     

Yet another problem of American youths is vehicular homicide. Because teenagers drive at the age of 14, and because many are careless or perhaps drunk drivers, the number of deaths behind the wheel continue to grow. Teenage drivers no longer have to worry about having a parent drive them around or parking them after school, but need to worry about driving safety.

Teenage pregnancy is also a problem relevant to the topic of teenage problems. Children having children - teenage mothers and fathers cannot provide for their babies, because they too still need to be cared for. Teenage parents do not have adequate education and monetary means to support babies in today's world. And while teenagers continue to have sex at earlier ages, it is also necessary to address the problem of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). STDs such as AIDs are incurable and are devastating to teenagers who are just beginning to enjoy life. In order to address these problems of youth teenagers need to discuss their problems. In today's society it is difficult for a teenager to be taken seriously. However, in the next few years, adults must take the time to hear the problems of these young Americans so that solutions can be found to eliminate the problems.     

violence - насилие, poverty - нищета, pregnancy - беременность, gang - банда, support - поддерживать, ambush – засада, нападение, immeasurable - неизмеримый, harsh - грубый, increase - увеличивать, vehicular - перевозочный, homicide - убийство, provide for – содержать кого-либо, incurable - безнадёжный, devastate - опустошать, solution - решение, eliminate - устранять, STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) – болезни, передающиеся половым путём, AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) – спид (синдром приобретённого иммунного дефицита).     


Задание: прочитать текст, выписать незнакомые слова с переводом и выделить основные проблемы, освещаемые в нём, составить план пересказа текста.


. Используя материал текста, учащиеся отвечают на вопросы

Why are many poor children forced to sell drugs or join gangs?

· What goes hand in hand in gangs?

· Why are many young girls and boys brutally murdered?

· Do wealthy American teenagers and middle class face also many problems?

· How do drugs influence the teenagers?

· Why do any children have to fear going to school?

· Why does the number of deaths behind the wheels continue to grow?

· Why is teenage pregnancy also a problem?

· Can teenage mothers and fathers provide for their babies?

· What problem is connected with having sex at earlier ages?

· What must adults do to eliminate the problems?

· Do teenagers in our country have the same problems?



Обсудить одну или две проблемы, затронутые в тексте и сравнить их с аналогичными проблемами молодёжи в нашей стране.

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